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FS Refraktor

Author: Bradley White | Published: 09/03/2018

Introducing FS Refraktor - an innovative twist on modulation effects. FS Refraktor is an AUv3 app that sits somewhere between a delay and a flanger and offers endless creative possibilities, from rhythmic flanging sweeps to chaotic pitch modulation and unpredictable stuttering.

Through using an LFO and sequencer to modulate extremely short delay times, FS Refraktor is capable of a huge range of unique effects, whether you want to add glitchy stuttering to your drums or add arpeggiator-esque sounds to bland chord progressions. Refraktor’s sixteen step sequencer is highly customizable.

Alternatively, you can bypass Refraktor’s sequencer entirely and use the delay section’s short delay times to add unusual metallic resonances and reverb like tones to sounds.

The dedicated filter section makes sculpting your sounds easier than ever. FS Refraktor features 5 versatile filter types: low pass, high pass, band pass, notch and carve (like a very wide notch filter).

Check out our tutorial of the FS Refraktor below for an in depth explanation of the app’s features as well as a few examples of the FS Refraktor in action.

FS Refraktor is compatible with all AUv3 hosts or it can be run as a standalone effect. The app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and will be available to download from the App Store from March 8th priced at £6.99. FS Refraktor is also included in our Time and Space bundle along with FS FreezeVerb and FS Reverser Delay available from the App Store for £10.99.

Flanger effect AUv3 for iOS on iPadFS Refraktor’s features:

  • Delay section with delay time, feedback, modulation and mix controls.

  • A highly customizable sequencer for rhythmic modulation of the delay time.

  • Slew control to vary the speed of delay time changes.

  • A versatile filter section with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch and Carve filter options.

  • Stereo spread control for creating wide out of phase sounds.Runs as both a standalone app and an AUv3 extension.

  • Ability to save presets when run as an AUv3 extension.


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